Trident CBT Specific
Print Guide

Print Guide

STL Files

All MPX-specific printed parts are available as STL's on our Github (opens in a new tab). There's also a printed parts list for the entire kit in Google Docs (opens in a new tab) that may be helpful to you.


The items listed below are not a comprehensive list of the deltas from the official Voron Trident. Refer to the V2.4 Print Guide for parts common to the Trident and the V2.4 (Stealthburner, Tap, etc). The Google Doc linked above should be considered the definitive reference.


This mod comes from Ken226's BTT TFT35 SPI V2.1 Touch Screen Case (opens in a new tab). That link also has the full assembly instructions for the screen case so be sure to review it.

Disco Stick

Print 2pcs LED_2020_x2.stl

This mod comes from Daylight (opens in a new tab)