Linear Rail Lubrication

Linear Rail Lubrication

To start:

We are NOT building a spaceship, so relax.

Under light load conditions, such as 3D printers, we don't need to pay too much attention on this.

Recommened Lube:

  • Generic White Lithium Grease

They are very cheap and easy to source

  • Mobil EP 2 Grease

The most common one, you should be able to source it on Amazon or a local store.

  • Superlube

The type of lubricating grease is not as important as we thought, $5/ounce of grease and $50/ounce of grease do not bring significant changes.

Lube Rails

By the surface of rail (Recommended)

Just apply some grease on the top/side surface of the rails, especially the grooves on the side.

Slide the carriager back and forth a few times to allow the grease on the surface of the rail to enter the carriager and evenly coat the guide rail.

By carriage oil hole

The hole of the carriage is blocked by the dust block by default, but you use use an injector to do it.


After that you can use the injector to insert grease.