V2.4 CBT Specific
Print Guide

Print Guide

STL Files

All MPX-specific printed parts are available as STL's on our Github (opens in a new tab). There's also a printed parts list for the entire kit in Google Docs (opens in a new tab) that may be helpful to you.

Electronics Bay

Completely skip offical electronics_bay folder.

Print our printed parts with name starting with Elec in our Github (opens in a new tab). Specifically, you will need these parts:

  • 2 pcs Elec_Din_Clip_x2.stl
  • 4 pcs Elec_LRS_200_Mount_x4.STL
  • 1 pcs Elec_M8P_Mount.STL

Exhaust Filter

We use Nevermore in our kit, so you can completely skip the Voron offical exhaust filter folder. Print these parts instead to seal the back panel.

  • 1 pcs Exhaust_cover.stl
  • 1 pcs Exhaust_grill.stl


Skip these parts. They aren't required given that our kit uses CAN and Tap.

  • STLs/Gantry/AB_Drive_Units/[a]_cable_cover.stl
  • STLs/Gantry/X_Axis/XY_Joints/[a]_endstop_pod_D2F_switch.stl
  • STLs/Gantry/X_Axis/XY_Joints/[a]_endstop_pod_hall_effect.stl
  • STLs/Gantry/X_Axis/XY_Joints/[a]_endstop_pod_hall_effect.stl
  • STLs/Gantry/X_Axis/XY_Joints/[a]_xy_joint_cable_bridge_2hole.stl
  • STLs/Gantry/X_Axis/XY_Joints/[a]_xy_joint_cable_bridge_3hole.stl
  • STLs/Gantry/X_Axis/X_Carriage/*
  • STLs/Gantry/X_Axis/Z_Joints/z_joint_upper_hall_effect.stl


Use deck_support_3mm_x8.stl and skip the 4mm one.

If you are using Disco Sticks:

Skip Z_belt_Cover and use our Panel_Z_Belt Cover:

  • Panel_Z_belt_cover_A.stl
  • Panel_Z_belt_cover_B.stl
  • Panel_Z_belt_cover_Route_A.stl
  • Panel_Z_belt_cover_Route_B.stl

The route Z Belt Cover comes from tanaes's whopping_Voron_mods (opens in a new tab)


Use power_inlet_IECGS_1.2mm.stl and skip other power_inlet_*

Z Endstop

Skip this folder, we use Voron Tap as z endstop.

Voron Tap

Print these parts and follow official tap guide.

https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-Tap/tree/main/STLs (opens in a new tab)

Print Tap_Upper_PCB_r8.stl and skip other Tap_Upper_*


Skip X_Carriage folder

Skip Clockwork2/cable_door.stl and print cable_door_for_pcb.stl

Skip Clockwork2/chain_*

Print these from our Github (opens in a new tab):

  • Toolhead_Cable_Bridge.STL
  • Toolhead_Can_Cable_Fix.stl


BIGTREETECH has a modified CW2 main_body and cable_door printed parts. They can improve the fit of the SB2209 within the Stealthburner.

Disco Stick

Print 2pcs LED_2020_x2.stl

This mod comes from Daylight (opens in a new tab)