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About the CBT Kit

CBT comes from Canbus + Tap

The significance of a CBT kit is to offer a high-quality VORON kit at an affordable price by carefully selecting components, and having the latest VORON configuration, while avoiding the need to disassemble the build after completion.

Believe me, you don't want to disassemble and reassemble your VORON, so we've included Canbus + Tap in one go.

Difference between CBT and standard VORON

  1. Using the Canbus Toolboard EBB SB2209; In the past VORON toolheads needed more than 20 wires, Canbus only uses 4 wires.

  2. Umbilical; It doesn't use XY cable chains. This reduces the X axis weight which is helpful to a higher print speed.

    In this case we made a Y endstop PCB that allows an extra chamber thermistor.

  3. Using Tap as default probe; This is easy to use, and removes the Z endstop.

  4. With Manta+CB1, you no longer need a Raspberry Pi and RS-25-5.

Available Upgrades

  1. Gates Pulleys/Idlers

  2. Disco Stick Set (2pcs) with wires

  3. Steel Y extrusion backers (powder cotated black)

  4. Stainless steel 440C rails