V2.4 CBT Specific
BOM List

BOM List

#1Fasteners kit - stainless steelM2x10 Self-tapping40SUS304
M3x6 FHCS25SUS304
M3x6 BHCS20SUS304
M3x8 SHCS260SUS304
M3x12 FHCS10SUS304
M3x12 SHCS50SUS304
M3x16 SHCS35SUS304
M3x20 SHCS40SUS304
M3x25 SHCS15SUS304
M3x30 SHCS50SUS304
M3x40 SHCS35SUS304
M3x50 SHCS5SUS304
M4x6 BHCS15SUS304
M5x10 BHCS60SUS304
M5x16 BHCS40SUS304
M5x30 BHCS30SUS304
M5x40 SHCS35SUS304
3x7x0.5 Washer10SUS304
5x10x1 Shim Ring60SUS304
M3 Hexnut30SUS304
M3 Roll-in T-Nut150Steel, Nickel plated
M3 Hammer Head T-Nut100Steel, Nickel plated
M3 Insert150Brass
M4 Knurled Nut4Steel, Nickel plated
M5 Hexnut30SUS304
M5 Roll-in T-nut70Steel, Nickel plated
M5 Hammer Head T-Nut50Steel, Nickel plated
FrameMPX VORON 2.4 Frame Kit - Black1pre-drilled/tapped
Black OpenBuilds 2020 90° corner4
ToolInsert Tool1
#2XYZ SteppersMOONS' MS17HD6P42006
Linear RailsMPX Black MGN9H Rail - 400mm4
Pulley/Idler/BearingGT2 Pulley 20T 5ID 9W4
GT2 Pulley 80T 5ID 6W [Black]4
GT2 Idler 20T 5ID 9W4
GT2 Pulley 16T 5ID 6W4
5x60 D-Cut shaft4
BeltGates 188-2GT-6 RF4
MiscRubber Foot4
#3PanelsBlack ABS Deck Panel [3mm]1
#4Linear RailsMPX Black MGN9H Rail - 400mm2
MPX Black MGN12H Rail - 400mm1Light Preload
Buildplate/HeaterMPX 5083 Cast Aluminium Buildplate 305x305x81<0.15 Flatness
MPX 650W 350x350 Full Size Heater1Full-size, Pre-installed
- Integrated 150C self-recovery fuse
- Pre-installed RF125 fuse
- With extra thermistor for buildplate
PEIDouble Sided Textured PEI Spring Steel1
Pulley/Idler/BearingGT2 Pulley 20T 5ID 6W2
GT2 Idler 20T 5ID 6W2
#5BeltGates LL-2GT-6 RF 5m1
Gates LL-2GT-9 RF 5m1
FansGDSTime 6020 Dual Bearings Fan
- With XH2.54 Connector2For Electronic Bay Cooling
MiscNylon Ties 4x200mm1
PC4-01 Bowden Connector1
Bowden Tube 4x2 200mm1
Bowden Tube 4x3 2m1
SSR DIN Mount1
3M 5952 Tape 6mm3m1mm1
EVA Tape 5mmx1mmx5m1
EVA Tape 5mmx3mmx4m2
6x3 Neodimium Magnet10
Power Inlet With 10A Fuse1
WiringUK2.5 Terminals Set1
Y Endstop PCB with chamer thermistor1Omron D2F-L
Pre-crimped Cables Set1
M12 Cable Gland1
Cable Chain 10x151
PVC Trunking Set1
Cable Sleeve1For Umbilical
Straight stainless steel elastic filament1For Umbilical
Z Stepper Label1
ElectronicMeanwell LRS-200-241
Omron G3NB-210B-1 SSR1
M8P Canbridge Cable1
NevermoreGDSTime 5015 Fan224V, dual bearings
XH2.54 Connectors Set1
6x3mm Magnet8
StealthburnerEBB SB22091
X Endstop1Omron D2F-L
MOONS' NEMA14 Stepper1
BMG Set1
GDSTime 4010 Fan124V, dual bearings
GDSTime 5015 Fan124V, dual bearings
SK6812 LED For Stealthburner1
VORON Tap Kit15V, with medium-preload MGN9H-50
24V 50W Hotend Heater1
NTC100K B39501
Extra screws Stealthburner / EBB SB1
LEDDisco Stick XXL2Optional
HotendPhaetus Dragon HF1
#6PanelsPC Clear Panels Set [3mm]1Door/Side/Top
ABS Back Panel [3mm]1
ABS Button Panel [3mm]1