General Kit Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it so cheap? Are you guys cutting corners?

A: There is a reason why this problem appears on the FAQ, CBT Kit has a price difference of approximately $300 compared to our previous kit. These come from adjustments to our shipping strategy (yes, in the past, part of the shipping cost was displayed in the product price, which made it look like it was less expensive), as well as cost savings from switching to non-Misumi extrusions and synchronous pulley/idlers/rails.

Q: Will these changes result in any difference in quality?

A: There is almost no difference in the extrusions, and the difference in printing between non-Gates and Gates idlers/pulleys is also minimal, almost negligible. However, it is true that Gates is of higher quality. As for the rails, as long as you do not live in a damp environment, the black rails are also not prone to rust, as they have a black anti-rust coating. Another part of the cost savings comes from the reduced SKU count. In the past, the customizable options brought us too much pressure.

Q: Can CB1 replace a Raspberry Pi?

A: Yes, there is indeed a performance gap between them, but CB1 is fully capable of running Klipper and no longer requires an RS-25-5, which saves us another part of the cost.

Q: Is it difficult to set up the CAN bus?

A: For beginners, there may be some issues with setting it up. For this reason, we have created detailed documentation for flashing the firmware. You can refer to it, and if it doesn't work, you can contact us for assistance.

Q: Which upgrades are worth recommending?

A: Personally, I would recommend the Disco Stick, 800W Heater, and Steel Y Extrusion Backers.

Q: Why is there only Y Extrusion Backers? Where is X?

A: In both V2.4 and Trident, the X rail is mounted on the side, which causes no thermal expansion to affect the vertical direction. Similarly, adding weight to the X axis is not a good idea as it will significantly affect your Y acceleration, and therefore your printing speed and quality.

Q: Why are the backers made of steel instead of titanium?

A: Their effect is exactly the same, and you can find more information about it here (opens in a new tab).