Print Guide

These printed parts are based on R2 version.

From Offical Repository

For the plug-panel, you need to print the filtered one [ powerinletfiltered.stl],

From VoronUsers Mod

We use sexbolt endstop instead.

Follow this : Microswitch Z Endstop PCB

Additional parts

All files here

LRS-200-24 Mount

You need to print PSU_MOUNT_B_x2, PSU_MOUNT_A_x2.stl, PSU_DIN_MOUNT_x4 v1.stl, and should skip the offical printed parts for LRS-200-24.

This may be a bit troublesome, but it’s definitely worth it for a clean electrical room

Breakout PCB Mount

* You don’t need to print it if selected Canbus mod

We are using a modified DIN rail clip to mount it directly

Modified Raspberry mount [Optional]

This rpi mount slightly moved a few millimeters in the vertical direction.

Toolboard Mount

* You don’t need to print it if selected Canbus mod

There’re two versions, one is for Afterburner, another one for Stealthburner.

* Printed parts name ended with x2 means you need print 2x it.

U2C Mount


Umbilical & Y endstop Mount



Canbus Toolboard Mount

Afterburner & CW1


Stealthburner & CW2