Canbus Guide

What is Canbus?

MagicPhoenix add the canbus option in the kit from June 2022, it’s a separate board on toolhead which have heater/fans mos, stepper driver, and RGB/endstop etc. pins.


The pros of Canbus toolboard

  1. It simplifies the wiring and replaces the previous dozen/even twenty wires with only four wires.
  2. The reduction of wires means that the probability of broken wires in the drag chain is greatly reduced.
  3. We don’t need XY cable chains anymore, it reduce around 150g, allow a higher print speed.

The cons of Canbus toolboard

  1. It is still a new thing in the world of 3D printing, you may encounter unprecedented problems, we will help but at your own risk.
  2. Additional heat dissipation is required in high temperature chamber environments. (chamber temp>65C*)

*in a completely closed voron, the chamber temp is about 50-60C when printing ABS, when printing PA and other high-temp materials, it may be more than 60C

*Even so, unless you plan to print PEEK, we still recommend using Canbus toolboard, just add an extra 3010 fan for it.


In Voron 2.4, the default endstop is at XY joint, but now we don’t have XY chains, so they need to have a new home.

X Endstop : From 2.4R2, vorondesign add X endstop mount at toolhead.

Y Endstop: We made a PCB at A drive. It has an onboard thermistor that reads ambient chamber temperature. The included PTFE Y endstop harness is made for this. refer to the wiring picture.


Cable Chain

You don”t need XY chains, and use the 10×11 one for Z.

Y Endstop & Cable Gland




X Endstop






Follow AC wiring and Basic DC wiring in Wiring Guide

Octopus Wiring

Please ignore E MOTOR, it should wire to canbus toolboard.


Manta M8P Wiring



The kit has canbus cable with sleeve, you need to install Y endstop station at first, then pass the harness through it, leave proper length on the gantry, it should allow toolhead move to the lower left corner , pay special attention to the direction of the harness, the elasticity of the harness itself should be able to support it. You may want to add extra zip ties at the both ends of sleeve, PTFE wires are too smooth, sometimes heat shrink can't hold it.

Canbus Bridge

In some recently kits we use Octopus as Canbus bridge instead of U2C, there would be an extra RJ11 cable in the kit.


in this case, you need to flash Octopus and follow this .

cd ~/klipper
make clean
make menuconfig

set the menu the same as this pic:


There's a manual about flash Octopu, but remember follow the menuconfig above.

After flashed, you can get uuid by this command.

~/klippy-env/bin/python ~/klipper/scripts/ can0

[email protected]:~ $ ~/klippy-env/bin/python ~/klipper/scripts/ can0

Found canbus_uuid=7978d288964a, Application: Klipper
Total 1 uuids found

This is your Octopus uuid, you need to edit printer.cfg [mcu] section like this.


# printer.cfg
canbus_uuid: 7978d288964a

You need to replace 7978d288964a with your octopus uuid .

Wiring Pic:




Plug this 120R jumper.


CAN_H to U2C's CAN_H (The third one from left to right in the pic)

CAN_L to U2C's CAN_L (The last one from left to right in the pic)

VCC to 24V UK2.5 terminal (The white one)

GND to GND UK2.5 terminal (The black one)


Recommened to use Canboot as bootloader.

Here's a manual.

Flash CanBoot and Klipper to EBB